Our products embed a highly customizable scripting solution to manage the different aspects of the radio communications with the satellites :

  • Radio : receive, transmit data frames;
  • Position : estimate satellite position and motion, predict Doppler;
  • Remote control : monitor downlink, send data frames;
  • Antenna and accessories control : turn on external RF Power amplifier, control antenna rotator.

While shipped with a ready-to-use configuration, with our Development Kit you may extend the provided functionalities by adding your own code in the Ground Station for custom features.

The core of the system is handled by a GPU-Based Signal Processing Virtual Machine (VM) that accepts JavaScript code and provides access to the different subsystems (radio, antenna rotator, etc.).

The picture below gives an overview of the different functions covered by this VM.

You can have an overview of the functionalities offered by the VM by browsing the documentation online : http://sdr4.space/doc/

Note that a free edition with limited functionalities is also available on our GitHub : https://github.com/SDR4space